The Sword of Song, 1904 EV, Front wrapper

The Sword of Song became, in fact, the last book by Aleister Crowley that G. K. Chesterton (right) reviewed, and this hides a fascinating story too!

As to the use of “YE” on the front wrapper of The Sword of Song, G. K. Chesterton had stated in The Daily News on September 24, 1904 E.V.:

       "He [Mr. Aleister Crowley] publishes a work, “The Sword of Song: Called by Christians ‘The Book of the Beast,’” and called, I am ashamed to say, “Ye Sword of Song” on the cover, by some singularly uneducated man."

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Ye Sword of Song

Why did Aleister Crowley on the front wrapper of The Sword of Song, which was published by the SPRT in November 1904 E.V., write “Ye Sword of Song” although the book’s title page and spine had the former?

The Sword of Song was the second book published by Crowley’s “Society for the Propagation of Religious Truth”, which gave its address as “Boleskine, Foyers, Inverness.” – Read online or download this PDF file (23 pp.) containing an extract from FOR THE THELEMITES. [May need further proof reading]

G. K. Chesterton c. 1904 E.V.