The Replica of the Stélé of Revealing G. Parvis, Midan el-Ataba el-Khadra, near the entrance to the Muski
Winged Sun -

The Replica

• Read about the replica of the Stélé of Revealing (left) commissioned by Aleister Crowley during the Cairo Working.

Research by the Author indicates that it probably was the work of the Cairo Museum’s artist and handyman Alexandre Barsanti (1858-1917) (bottom, right), and if it not was him then an artist from the Italian sculptor and decorator Giuseppe Parvis’s workshop (bottom, left) near the entrance to the Muski where Barsanti had worked before he became employed at the Boulak Museum in 1885 as “Conservateur-Restorateur”. G. Parvis had great expertise in making replicas of artifacts from ancient Egypt. – Read online or download this PDF file (13 pp.) containing an extract from FOR THE THELEMITES. [May need further proof reading]

Alexandre Barsanti (1858-1917)