Fill and Kill

Why did Aleister Crowley in his various publications of Liber CCXX, the typeset version of Liber L vel Legis, stick to that a line of his paraphrase of the Stélé of Revealing should be "Aum ! let it fill me !", though in other places he sometimes wrote "Aum ! let it kill me !"?

It is all about initiation! – Read online or download this PDF file (8 pp.) containing an extract from FOR THE THELEMITES. [May need further proof reading]

The Method of Science - The Aim of Religion, Cover of The Equinox

The Motto: "The Method of ScienceThe Aim of Religion", on the upper cover of Aleister Crowley's bi-annual review The Equinox. Note that the concept of ”fill” and ”kill” is reflected in the equinoxes (hence also in the solstices)! “Fill” relates to the Vernal Equinox of March, and “kill” to the Autumnal Equinox of September – the publishing rhythm of The Equinox! (See the stanza from Orpheus; a lyrical legend above.)

Aum! Let it fill me!, The Book of the Law, 1938 E.V. Aum! Let it kill me!, Paraphrase, TSK1912 E.V. Thy sound is in our death and in her womb

Stanza, above, 1:

Crowley's paraphrase: "Aum ! let it fill me !", from The Book of the Law, 1938 E.V. (London: Privately issued by the O.T.O., An I xii, Sol in Aries, March 21, 1938 E.V.)

Stanza, above, 2:

Crowley's paraphrase: "Aum ! let it kill me !", from "The Temple of Solomon the King" in the seventh number of The Equinox, March 1912 E.V. (London: Wieland & Co., September MCMXII O.S. [1912 E.V.])



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