Liber CCXX

LIBER 220’ from The Equinox, September 1913 E.V.

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The ‘Liber L vel Legis’ from the Tenth Number of The Equinox, AN ix (1913 E.V.)


The first public publication of the typeset version of Liber L vel Legis – i.e., what now is spoken of as “Liber CCXX” – was in the tenth number of The Equinox, published at the Autumnal Equinox in September 1913 E.V.

A matter of the greatest importance is to be aware of the difference between the MS. of Liber L vel Legis and its typeset version – a difference, which often has been disregarded, and not fully defined. The MS. in the hand of Fra. P. is Liber L vel Legis, The Book of the Law, and its typeset version is Fra. P.’s interpretation or reading of these 65 pages in his own handwriting. It may seem strange at first sight, but the typeset version (Liber CCXX) is, in fact, technically, as well as, magically, a comment on the MS. of Liber L vel Legis!

For the history of the various titles given to the MS. of Liber L vel Legis and its typeset version, see the book preview of For the Thelemites.

Read online or download this PDF file (28 pp.) related to the work FOR THE THELEMITES. [May need further proof reading]

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