For the Thelemites front cover Lo, the dead man Ankh-af-na-khonsu, shall go forth by day in order to do what he will all upon earth among the living For the Thelemites, title page
Scribe Hieroglyph

The ancient Egyptian hieroglyph on the title page of For the Thelemites shows the equipment of the Egyptian scribe and is used as ideogram of sesh, “scribe”. It depicts a rectangular palette with two circles representing the two sacred colours used by the scribe in texts: the black ink and the red. In the centre is shown a water pot and beside it a pen and pen holder. The two principal colours used on this website are black and red!

Winged Sun -

Book Preview

Discover, among many things, what “the “blinds” and stupid meaningless ciphers” in Aleister Crowley’s Cairo diary mean – the Author of For the Thelemites has performed a magickal work that reveals their meanings!

Discover also where Crowley got the folded piece of paper from that was used as a title page for Liber L vel Legis! Read also about J. F. C. Fuller’s sabotage of the Law of Thelema!

Read online or download this illustrated 87-page preview of the book as a PDF file.

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IMPORTANT NOTICE: In the PDF files found on this website you will sometimes discover that there is an error in grammar when it comes to the word “not” – sometimes it appears in the wrong place. This happens to be a reminder that לא, lo, not, no, is the great challenge for man and therefore a subject of the greatest importance in Liber L vel Legis as well as in For the Thelemites! (But see the page "Liber L – The Key")

Ankh-af-na-khonsu before Re-Horakhet. From Stèle 666 of Ankhefenkhons i, Cairo A 9422

Above: Ankh-af-na-khonsu invoking Re-Horakhet – the ‘Ra-Hoor-Khut’ of Liber L vel Legis. From the ‘Stélé of Revealing’ – Stèle 666 of Ankhefenkhons i, (Cairo A 9422), which during the Cairo Working in March and April 1904 E.V. was exhibited in the newly built Cairo Museum at Kasr en-Nil.