666 and 616

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Priapus Romanum Museum, 1690

Priapus, ΣΩΤΗΡ ΚΟΣΜΟΥ, Sōtēr Kosmou, Saviour of the World, from Michel-Ange de La Chausse’s Romanum Museum (1690). Discover the interesting history, and symbolic meaning, of this bronze kept in the Vatican.

Amor and Priapus

‘Amor and Priapusfrom Monumens du culte secret des dames romaines (1784).

Assemblage de trois têtes parmi lesquelles en est une de mort, Le Museum de Florence, 1787

‘Assemblage de trois têtes parmi lesquelles en est une de mort’ from Le Museum de Florence (1787).

The ancient Egyptians had several words for ‘phallus’, however, in the Hebrew bible only one word meaning ‘male member’ is found one time in Deuteronomy, 23:2. – and the word is ‘of course’ not used in the Christian New Testament!


Explore the history behind the two numbers 666 and 616 given to the Beast of Revelation in ancient Greek MSS., and discover interesting new knowledge about these numbers!

The number of the Beast found in the earliest manuscript of the New Testament’s Apocalypse known to us today is 616 (χιϛʹ) and not 666 (χξϛʹ)! But why use two numbers? Discover what apparently took place!

Read about the Greek god Priapus and the role he played among the Christian Church Fathers. Also, about the Persian born American publisher, type designer, and printer Samuel Aiwaz Jacobs whom Aleister Crowley came in contact with in America in 1918 E.V. – Read online or download this PDF file (57 pp.) containing an extract from FOR THE THELEMITES. [May need further proof reading]

(In connection with this extract, see also the extract "Ye Sword of Song"; "The Tarot"; "Gates of Sefer Yetzirah"; and "Konx Om Pax"!)

666 and 616 The Mark of the Beast

TO MEGA THERION's ‘The Mark of the Beast’.

Photograph of Perdurabo from Book Four, Part One, 1913 E.V.

Photograph of Perdurabo titled “ΧΑΙΡΕ ΣΩΤΗΡ ΚΟΣΜΟΥ”, Hail to the Saviour of the World, from Book Four, Part One, 1913 E.V. The words clearly came from the bronze of Priapus seen above. (Photograph taken by Jules Jacot-Guillarmod, 1902.)

Regarding Aleister Crowley’s use of the phallus as his personal symbol, above is seen the ancient Egyptian hieroglyph for ‘sma-priest’, and as seen on the ‘Stélé of Revealing’ so was the Theban priest Ankh-af-na-khonsu also a ‘sma-priest’ – this title is found twice on his smaller sarcophagus as ‘sma-priest of Kamutef’, the ithyphallic Amun-Re-Kamutef. It has been suggested that the hieroglyph depicts a conventionalized phallus sheath. (For this, see the extract from For the ThelemitesAnkh-af-na-khonsu”)

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