This website contains a large amount of new knowledge about Aleister Crowley, Thelema, and Magick!

New illustrated 90-page version of the Book Preview! Many secrets are found in For the Thelemites! (You will probably be surprised!)

New 45-page version of "Boulak Museum" with research giving proof of who wrote the documents of the translations of "Stèle 666"!

Discover the history of the words “Khabs am Pekht” – “Light in Extension”! Were they ancient Egyptian words?

Discover that both the first part of Book Four and The Book of Lies were published by Wieland and Co. in February 1913 E.V.!

Lo, the dead man Ankh-af-na-khonsu, shall go forth by day in order to do what he will all upon earth among the living For the Thelemites - Books about Aleister Crowley, Thelema, and Magick by Perdurabo ST

Amor est Lex, Amor sub Voluntate

An 0 (1904 E.V.)  –  An Vvi (2020 E.V.)

More than 650 pages in PDF format for free, and more to be added! The encrypted files can be opened by Acrobat 7.0 and later!

New illustrated 26-page extract from For the Thelemites exploring where in Cairo Liber L vel Legis by all accounts was written!

New extract from For the Thelemites stating why “Ye Sword of Song” was printed on the front wrapper of The Sword of Song!

Discover the date when Rose and Aleister Crowley left Egypt after the Cairo Working, together with where they landed in Europe!

Discover why two numbers, 666 and 616, have been given to the Beast of Revelation in the ancient Greek MSS!

On the pages on this site you will find many PDF files for free download. Twenty-three secured PDF files – most of them illustrated – in total more than 650 pages of various extracts from For the Thelemites for free reading. These pages contain much new material on many subjects – the outcome of research and magickal work by the Author! It is important that you read the "Prelude" of this website!!!