Map showing the Cairo Museum and Midan Soliman Pasha c. 1905-6 E.V. Cairo, Soliman Pasha's Monument and Standard Life Building
Winged Sun -

Cairo Apartment

Where was the apartment that the Crowleys took possession of in Cairo where Liber L vel Legis was written by all accounts located?  – Read online or download this PDF file (25 pp.) containing an extract from FOR THE THELEMITES. [May need further proof reading]

Ouarda the Seer

Rose Edith Crowley, née Kelly, Ouarda the Seer of the Cairo Working, which took place in March and April 1904 E.V. Crowley wrote in Confessions: "For the purposes of the Cairo working, Ouarda and I had bought two abbai; one, scarlet, for me; one, blue, for her."

Standard Life Insurance Building, Cairo, Egypt, 1923 E.V.